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Oakeswell Lodge No. 8117

About Us

The formation

Oakeswell Lodge No 8117 is a Lodge of the United Grand Lodge of England in the Province of Staffordshire.

Our Lodge received the Warrant permitting it to be formed on 8th June 1966. This followed a petition from the Brethren of St Bartholomew Lodge No 696 and the Lodge was consecrated on 26th January 1967. St Bartholomew Lodge, our ”mother lodge”, was formed in 1857

The name

The adoption of the name of OAKESWELL as the title of our Lodge has assisted in helping to perpetuate the memory of a medieval well, house and district that has played an important part in the history of Wednesbury.

The Oakes Well, the sole survivor of numerous wells from which the medieval inhabitants of Wednesbury drew their water (Domesday Book 1080 AD) may still be seen in the grounds of a retirement and sheltered housing complex, now named Newhall Place, in Oakeswell End, Walsall Street, Wednesbury.

The well proudly stands with its stone arch and commemorative plaque on the property side of the complex’s boundary wall and hidden from view from the main road. (see Gallery photograph).

It is not known how long a house has been on this site, but it is recorded that a  manor house was here and was sold to William Byng in 1421. The house, however, had been altered and rebuilt so much over time that the house, when demolished in the 1960’s, bore little resemblance to the original and had little historic architectural merit, although it was a landmark to the people of Wednesbury.

This house, has had many names but lastly was called Oakeswell Hall. It has had many occupants of status, but it is of special interest that immediately before it was demolished it was occupied by a Doctor, whose partner at the surgery there was Dr. Arnold Blackwell, a Founding Member of Oakeswell Lodge and its first Treasurer.