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Oakeswell Lodge No. 8117






Installed 28th January, 2020

Worshipful Master W.Bro    Keith Watkins
I.P.M W. Bro. Andrew P Gallagher
Senior Warden      Bro.       Mike Kent
Junior Warden        Bro  Michael Campbell
Chaplain W. Bro. Miichael G Yates PPrGReg
Treasurer      Bro. Hilary G. Grew P.Pr.G Swd B.
Secretary W. Bro. David M Denton  P.Pr.G Swd B.
Director of Ceremonies W. Bro. Christopher R Denley  P.Pr.G.Swd.B.
Almoner W. Bro. Malcolm B. J. D. Cresswell P.Pr.S.G.W
Charity Steward W. Bro. Brian L Walker PPrJGW
Mentoer W.Bro Brian L Walker PPrJGW
Senior Deacon      Bro. David M  Clarke
Junior Deacon      Bro. Christian  T Kent
Assistant Director of Ceremonies W. Bro. Robert Crew  PPrAGSec.
Assistant Secretary      Bro. Rev. Brian B Williams
Inner Guard     Bro. Tom Pickering
Stewards   W. Bros.   Robert A Dunn PPrJGW, George R Egginton PPrGSwdB  & Rodney H Mowe PPG Supt Wks

 Tyler                                                    W.Bro.            Michael Towns P.Pr.J.G.D.    



 The designated form of address for all  Freemasons is " Brother".

When a Mason is installled as Master of the Lodge he is known as Worshipful Master for his period in Office, and on vacating his term in Office his form of address thereafter is  "Worshipful Brother".

The initials shown after peoples names indicate that they have also been made members of Grand and/or Provincial Grand Lodge. The initials are abrieviations for their rank or position in Provincial or Grand Lodge (P.S.G.W. means  the present serving Provincial Senior Grand Warden) or for the honours bestowed on members by them  for services to Masonry in their own Lodge in particular, and in  Masonry generally ( P.Pr.S.G.W is the abbrieviations for Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden).